What’s this all about?

Greetings. I’m Holly.

I like to run up and down mountains and have been doing so since I was a much smaller version of my current self. I’ve had the honour of running for England on a number of occasions and was recently selected to be part of the Great Britain trail running team for the 2018 World Championships….


I like to wander around a lot. I always have. And probably always will. So I thought that it might be nice to write about some of my wanderings and the things I have learnt.  Even if nobody reads them at least I’ll have a record of my escapades for future reference.

I also like to learn. I’m curious about lots of things but can’t really profess to be an expert on anything in particular. So far life’s given me lots of opportunities to learn new things. And I think it’s important to keep on doing so.

I like to speak other languages: French, Spanish, Italian… they’re pretty handy when you’re trying to communicate with other people whilst wandering. Unless you’re in China. In which case they’re not much help to anyone.

I also like to play the violin. Not many people hear that, although I have been known to bring it out of hibernation after a few too many glasses of mulled wine round a campfire. I loved playing in orchestras at university in Durham and Cambridge and then with the Royal Orchestral Society in London. But you’ll be pleased to hear that I won’t write about that.

In fact I very rarely get round to writing anything. Some exploits end up on here:


I’ve always thought that posting information about personal experiences was somewhat narcissistic. But then a friend told me that if I have experienced something which others could perhaps learn from then it is almost wrong not to share it. So here goes…

There are many things that I value in life but I’ve come to the conclusion that I gain the greatest fulfilment from being challenged, exploring and learning, and preferably a combination of the three. In fact I would go so far as to say that these three elements have a symbiotic relationship. When we are challenged, we explore our strengths, and learn more about them. In order to learn, we must challenge ourselves to explore something unfamiliar. And the fundamental element of exploration is learning, with challenges being an integral part of the process.

Challenge: “a call to prove or justify something” “to summon to a contest of skill, strength, etc”

There are so many ways to challenge yourself, and they certainly don’t all have to be physical. In fact some of the greatest challenges we face are far from physical. But I thought it would be weird to write about those…so I’ve tended to stick to documenting my crazy “challenges”. After all, they certainly involve a lot of exploration and learning (even if it is simply learning what not to do next time around…)

Explore: “to travel through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it”

There is something inherently exciting about exploration. It gives us the opportunity to discover new things, people, places, but also to delve deeper into what we already believe to be familiar and comfortable. I like the above definition and feel that it encompasses all three elements; challenge, explore learn, with a particular emphasis on the latter. What is the point in exploration if we learn nothing? Is it even possible to explore without learning?

Learn: “to become informed”

And herein also lies the learning element. I’m one of those people who feels the need to be productive at all times, always accountable for my time. This restless predicament has undoubtedly stemmed from being “the extra-curricular kid”, always moving from one thing to the next with little time to be idle. I tend to only watch films and television / read books if I feel that I will learn something from them. I hope that this thirst for knowledge and a deeper understanding of the people and places I travel through is an asset, though an inability to sit still and have “down time” is certainly bewildering to many!

There are a lot of trips and experiences which haven’t been documented but who knows, perhaps one day I might find the time to sit still and write…

Ciao for now,

Holly Page





3 thoughts on “What’s this all about?

  1. Hi Holly!

    I’m planning to do a very similar trip by bike in Baja. And I was wondering if I could email you a few questions.

    Here’s my email: fcivita@gmail.com



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